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Best Biryani in Karachi 2023

Pakistan’s most favorite dish, Biryani, is an excellent combination of rice and meat along with different spices, and is no doubt the beating heart of Karachi. Any special occasion is incomplete without this dish and is no less than an art to prepare the perfect combination of rice and spices. Whether it is after a tiring day of work or a busy wedding, it is how Karachiites express happiness, love and joy with family and friends. If you are on the list of people who don’t know where to get mouthwatering biryani here, then here are the top 10 biryanis in Karachi of 2023.

Top Biryani places in Gulshan-e-Iqbal

1-Darbar Biryani and Haleem

Gulshan-e-Iqbal residents are definitely familiar with this place, since it is well-known for its highly fierce and spicy biryani. The biryani is very mouth-watering and packed with flavors. Their haleem is equally famous as well and is a must have. For complete menu of Darbar Haleem visit here.

2-Alfareed Pakwan

If you are looking for a unique taste of  biryani you can try Alfareed Pakwan’s hara masala ki biryani.This is probably the most popular biryani near maskan Gulshan because of its spicy and flavorful biryani. They also have chicken pulao in their menu.
Chicken Biryani:120
Chiken Pulao:140

3-Waqas Ghazi Biryani

This is one of the most underrated Biryani place in Karachi.Waqas Ghazai Biryani has been operating since 5 years in KDA market Gulshan-e-Iqbal and its well known due to its spicy and consistent taste of Biryani. Their menu consist of Chicken biryani, beef biryani and chiken pulao.
Chicken Biryani:110
Chicken Pulao:110

4-Student Biryani

The moment one mentions biryani, Student Biryani menu comes in mind. Built by Haji Muhammad Ali in 1969, it is one of the oldest places that serve delicious biryani. They serve many varieties such as chicken tikka, beef and chicken biryani.

Best Biryani Restaurants in Gulistane-Johar

Farhan Biryani

Farhan Biryani is one of the businest and famous Biryani centre located in gulistane johr block 18.
Farhan Biryani offers delicious and flavorful biryani which has a very uniqe flavour and also its pocket friendly.

Famous Biryani Restaurants in Burns Road

Food Centre

Food Centre is probably the most famous Biryani place of Burns road. Food Centre has a large menu but most of the people prefer to eat Biryani due to its amazing taste and service.Food centre has a very spacious dining area and they also provide home delivery.

  • Chicken Biryani: 160
  • Beef Biryani: 220

Mazaidar Haleem and Foods

IF you are Biryani lover you must try Mazaidar Haleem’s Biryani. Mazaidar Haleem’s menu  is famous for its haleem but its Biryani is equally amazing and unforgettable.

  • Chicken Biryani: 140
  • Beef Biryani: 160

Karachi Haleem

Karachi Haleem offers a unique flavour of Biryani and is always crowded because of its mouth watering taste.

  • Chicken Biryani: 170
  • Beef Biryani: 200
  • Mutton Biryani: 350

Ghousia Nalli Biryani

One of the new crazes in the family of biryani, no one makes nalli biryani better than Ghousia Nalli Biryani in Liaquatabad. The place is always full with people and has a long waiting time, but the dish is definitely worth it.

Madni Biryani

Madni Biryani is known for its top quality biryani, located in Buffer Zone. The biryani they serve is the perfect balance of chicken and rice. Those who are looking for mild spice and quality place, Madni Biryani it is.


Mirchi 360

Mirchi 360 is a fast food restaurant located in Phase 5, Defence. It has a variety of items including chicken curries, kebabs and more. The Sindhi Biryani served there is exceptional with the right amount of key ingredients and flavor to savor your taste buds.Check out Mirchi 360 menu here,

Jeddah Biryani

Located in the food hub of Karachi, Boat Basin, Jeddah Biryani is the place for a hearty chicken Biryani. Situated just beside Tipu Sultan Burger, Jeddah Biryani offers quick service, reasonable prices and is known for its consistent quality.

The White Biryani

Located in two branches in Phase 6, Defence and Block 5, Clifton, The White Biryani is a must visit. Offering a pleasant ambiance and quality food, it specifically serves white biryani due to its white color different from traditional biryani. Check out their menu here.

Biryani of the Seas

One of the fastest growing biryani places in Karachi and located in Clifton, this place serves fresh seafood biryani. Biryani of the Seas menu also has a massive range of seafood items such as Bar BQ Prawns, seafood Karachi, seafood rolls and Chinese seafood.

Biryani Center

Biryani Center is situated in four branches in Karachi: DHA, SMCHS and North Nazimabad. Founded by two friends, this biryani place is the first to introduce aluminum foil packaging. Biryani Center is also known internationally by setting up a branch in Malaysia.

Haji Biryani

Haji Biryani is located in Jamshed Road and is perfect for those looking for the authentic taste of biryani. The chicken biryani is always perfectly cooked and the beef biryani is prepared with boneless meat for maximum taste and quality.