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Burns Road Food Street Restaurants

Karachi is a popular tourist destination due to its rich food culture and food streets, which ranges from thousands of high-end restaurants serving worldwide cuisines to dozens of lively restaurants serving traditional delicacies.

Just like Port Grand food street Burns Road, the city’s oldest and most iconic food street, stands out when it comes to exploring the local culinary culture. The place creates a sense of nostalgia, transporting you to a bygone period, due to its abundance of ancient, now-famous restaurants.

Due to its increasing popularity, Burns Road in Karachi is now formally classified as a pedestrian-only location for street food.

Every time you travel along this route, you can smell spicy Tikka Boti and other mouthwatering meals. The main aspect of this well-known food street is that all of the cuisines are delicious and affordable.

So let’s discover some of Burns Road’s most famous restaurants on this food street.

1. Waheed Kabab House

It offers the flavour of Delhi in the heart of Karachi. This is the third generation serving Delhi’s cuisine. Decades after decades, families after generations, people from all across Karachi continue to visit Waheed Kabab House. It is no longer solely a restaurant but has become an essential aspect of many memories.

Initial offerings included Kebabs, Boti, and Kheeri. Today’s menu has a variety of dishes, including Nehari and Korma. The dish is renowned for its creativity and traditional touch, which leaves customers satisfied.

2.Karachi Haleem Restaurant

Karachi’s Haleem Restaurant is located in Pak Mansion on Burns Road. They serve haleem, fast food, and a variety of other traditional cuisines at reasonable prices. Karachi Haleem is beautiful and possesses an impressively classic style. It is a perfect spot to enjoy traditional cuisine in a very cool and comfortable atmosphere, as it is airy, attractively decorated, and has comfortable seats.

3. Food Center

Food Center Burns Road Karachi serves a variety of delectable dishes to its customers. They serve delicious Bar-B-Q, chicken/lamb handi, Karhai, Chinese food, quick food, and plenty more traditional and continental dishes. The prices are really fair, and the brand is affordable. They also provide a variety of delicious combos for a price that is quite affordable.

4.Pakistani Dil Bahar Dahi Baray

Since the 1950s, the legendary “Pakistani Dil Bahar Dahi Baray” has thrived on Burns Road, offering delicacies with a distinct flavour. Dahi Baray is lentil dumplings fried in oil and topped with yoghurt, tamarind sauce, and a variety of vegetables and spices. Since the 1950s, the same family has operated Dil Bahar, which is famous for its homemade, timeless classic Dahi Baray with a Twelve-Spice topping.

5. Café Lazeez

Café Lazeez has also become well-known for its unique savoury dishes, including karahi gosht (meat curry). Café Lazeez, another family-run restaurant founded in 1970, became renowned for its traditional seasoning and cooking techniques, which let the meat and ghee (clarified butter) speak for themselves. They are also renowned for their kata-kat, which is meat offal fried to a fine mince on a huge griddle and named for the distinctive sound the flesh makes when chopped with skewers.

Final Words

Although the street has seen significant evolution and transformation, restaurants continue to innovate and attract more customers. They are proud of their food, their family, and their commitment as a community to provide visitors with high-quality food. Restaurants in Burns Roads are popular for their food street culture. So it is a must-visit location in Karachi for those who seek both a historical and culinary experience.