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Top 5 World-Class Steakhouses in Karachi

Karachi is inarguably a foodie’s heaven. The city of lights is brimming with exotic restaurants and eateries which offer authentic cuisine. However, if you are particularly searching for the best steakhouses in Karachi, only a few cook and serve them in a professional manner. You can choose from a variety of beef, mutton and chicken steaks according to your preference.

Gun Smoke

Gun Smoke has a super ambience and offers some of the best steaks in town. It offers a wide range of steaks both in chicken and in beef along with sides of steamed vegetables, garlic rice, mashed potatoes, fries and creamed spinach and a wide variety of delicious sauces to choose from.

The Grill House

When it comes to top-rated steakhouses in Karachi, The Grill House is an inevitable entry. You’re going to love every bite right from the appetizers to the main course. As the name suggests, The Grill House menu specializes in all things grilled. Soft, juicy, and perfectly grilled meat is the hallmark of this restaurant.


Kolachi restaurant remains one of the most sought-after restaurants among tourists and locals alike, especially for its meat-based dishes. Apart from offering authentic Pakistani cuisine, Kolachi cooks some of the best steaks in Karachi. The calming atmosphere of Do Darya adds more magic to your culinary experience.

The Patio

The Patio Menu offer tasty steaks with attractive ambiance and a small cozy place where you can have your own sort of time, not much crowded. Arabic meze as a starter is a star with tasty food and good service. Minced chicken salad is quite yummy with spices and good of mix of chili and lime.

Koffie Chalet

Koffie Chalet is one of the best cafes in Karachi popular for serving scrumptious meals. But they also offer something that locals and visitors just can’t seem to get over: their succulent steaks. It serves steaks along with unique sauces including the Mushroom sauce, Dijon Sauce, and the Casper sauce.Check out complete Koffie Chalet menu.