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Top 5 must-try Grilled Fish eateries in Karachi

For a coastal city, Karachi hasn’t been big on culinary dishes of fish. We are a nation loving chicken and beef. But, the fish from these eateries are so good that once you have them, they might make you change your culinary preferences! So here are some good places to eat at and the dishes that are liked.

Fish Walay

This small setup in DHA phase Ext 2 has now extended to dine in. Its specialty is grilled seafood. Its Fish Koyla Karahi is dubbed to be the first one of its kind in Karachi. Fit for spice lovers, it brings the best of curry and fish together in one dish.

Chacha Jee Khaas

Chacha Jee Khaas is known for its famous Fish Tikkas. Soft and succulent, retaining the moist taste of fish, it has the faint tikka smell which is so much associated with ‘kolya ka dum’. Served with tamarind sauce and garlic naan, it would be one of your newly found fish favorites!


Yaadgar Fish

Yaadgar fish is located on Jamshed Road and has been around since 1982. Its Heera boneless fish and finger fish are worth trying and relishing with its thick, pulpy, tamarind and coriander chutney! It is not just fish they serve though; they also serve daal chawal and paapar to tantalize taste buds.


Culture Fish Hassan Square

Culture Fish at Hassan Square still manage to gather a crowd of its own! Fried hot on the spot, the fish stalls have a wide variety of fish to tantalize your taste buds and can cost you as low as around Rs600 per kg (accompanied with chutneys!).  That’s quite a catch!


BOTS – Biryani of the Seas

This eatery is bringing in new trends too. Skewered and done on ‘seekh’, Fish Malai Boti is soft and juicy and melts in the mouth. Although that its serving size could only be a bit bigger as 8 pieces for Rs 450 is a bit steeply priced.