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The 7 Best Restaurants for a Romantic Dinner Date on Yas Island

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about the best way to celebrate this romantic date.

The many hotels, resorts and attractions on Yas Island make it the ideal place for you and your loved one to spend Valentine’s Day. Whether you want to celebrate this event in the traditional, romantic way or put a unique, more fun twist to it, you can carry out your plan here easily and successfully.

And if you simply want to spend Valentine’s Day enjoying a great dinner with your partner, you can also do so on Yas Island since it is home to some of thebest restaurants in Abu Dhabi.

From fine dining and contemporary casual restaurants to speciality cafes and fast food chains, you can find the perfect spot to treat yourself and your special someone to an incredible meal and enjoy each other’s company.


Where to Have a Romantic Dinner Date on Yas Island

Below are the seven best restaurants to enjoy a romantic dinner date with your loved one on Yas Island:


1.     Filini Garden

If you want to treat your special someone to a romantic dinner date in one of the most beautiful and stylish restaurants on Yas Island, make a reservation at Filini Garden.

Filini Garden is one of the best sunset spots on Yas Island and Abu Dhabi. It boasts contemporary décor and soft lighting. Its interior makes diners feel they are inside an enchanted forest with living green walls, lush foliage and lovely pergolas.

Its terrace provides diners fantastic views of the Yas Links Abu Dhabi golf course and the nearby creek.

Filini Garden serves authentic Italian dishes. All their menu items are prepared using fresh ingredients and flavourful spices.

The restaurant also boasts an incredible beverage menu offering a variety of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.


2.     Dish Dash

Located in Yas Mall, Dish Dash is a Mediterranean cafe serving the finest Middle Eastern dishes.

Its name represents traditional Arabic cloth, which means comfort, warmth and relaxation. The restaurant conveys all these with its posh décor, elegant ambience and delectable menu offerings.

You and your loved one will also be impressed by the genuine politeness and attentiveness of the waitstaff from the moment you enter the restaurant.

Additionally, all dishes are freshly prepared with high-quality fresh ingredients all the time.

After dinner, you and your date can choose from the restaurant’s selection of traditional and exclusive shisha varieties and savour their interesting flavours.

Dish Dash is one of the most popular restaurants on Yas Island and attracts many visitors, which means you should book a table before your date.


3.     Barouk

Barouk is an award-winning Lebanese restaurant. It is located on the lower ground floor of Crowne Plaza Abu Dhabi.

This restaurant has a simple yet elegant interior that provides diners with a relaxed and casual ambience and an incomparable and memorable fine dining experience.

Barouk’s atmosphere also exudes romantic tones since it overlooks the gleaming waters of the Arabian Gulf.

Having your dinner date at Barouk lets you and your special someone enjoy delicious, authentic Lebanese cuisine. It is known for its mouth-watering soups, grills and hot and cold mezze.

While dining, listen to the live performances of the in-house OUD players.

Barouk is the perfect dining spot for you and your date if you love Lebanese cuisine and want to dine in a relaxing ambience.


4.     Asha’s

If you and your date both love Indian food, enjoy this delectable cuisine at one of the most elegant restaurants in Yas Mall: Asha’s.

Asha’s is the brainchild of world-famous Indian singer and actor Asha Bhosle. This restaurant serves traditional North Indian cuisine.

The restaurant’s interior is inspired by the singer’s love for music, art and food. As such, its interior features contemporary bold and abstract decors and furnishings.

The restaurant’s menu consists of a fascinating mix of classic North Indian flavours and modern interpretations. Its offerings include kebabs, curries, biryanis, platters and a variety of vegetarian options.

All dishes are prepared upon order and made of the finest, freshest ingredients.

With its stunning interior and amazing menu, Asha’s is the perfect romantic dining spot for couples who love Indian food.


5.     Texas de Brazil

For a laidback, more casual dining experience, take your date to Texas de Brazil.

Texas de Brazil adds Texas flavours to Brazilian fare, giving diners the perfect balance between North and South American cuisines.

The restaurant features a themed décor, cosy ambience and quick service, making it a popular option among foodies looking for a laidback dining experience.

Texas de Brazil is known for its churrasco and uses a ‘card serving meat’ system, wherein diners treat themselves to unlimited sizzling beef, chicken, lamb, Brazilian sausage and other meat by turning their card green from red.

The carvers will serve you your choice of meat while suggesting delicious combinations.

You and your date can also select from their other menu items, which include salads, roasted vegetables, imported cheeses and freshly baked pastries and other treats.


6.     Cipriani

Cipriani is another high-end restaurant in Yas Island you can consider for a dreamy date with your special someone.

Cipriani is one of the most prestigious restaurants on Yas Island serving simple and traditional Italian dishes. Its posh interior and incredible views of Yas Marina make it the perfect setting for a romantic date with your loved one.

All the restaurant’s menu offerings are prepared with premium and fresh ingredients from Italy. From appetisers to desserts, you and your partner will be satisfied with the food.

You and your date will also be spoilt for choice with their range of alcoholic, non-alcoholic, hot and cold beverages.


7.     La Brioche

La Brioche boasts an authentic French countryside ambience, making it an ideal spot for a casual yet romantic dinner date.

Its modern interior and intimate setting won’t fail to set the mood for your night out with your loved one.

Although this café, patisserie and eatery is popular for its breakfast offerings, you can enjoy their main menu all day. You and your partner will have plenty of delicious dishes to choose from for dinner.

La Brioche is also known for its pastries and sweet treats, so make sure you sample something from their dessert menu.

Whether you’re planning a romantic dinner date for Valentine’s Day, your wedding anniversary or a weekend getaway, you won’t go wrong with reserving a table at any of these restaurants on Yas Island.



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