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5 Delicious Mid-Night Burgers Deals in Karachi

1-Burger O Clock
Burger O Clock has the most delicious burgers in Menu with very affordable price. They also have the best mid-night deals starting from just 700 rupees of amount.

KFC is providing you with very affordable and mid-night deal starting form just rupees 225 to 300.Check out KFC Karachi menu here with prices.
3-Burger LabĀ 
A famous brand for its quantity, quality and taste. You can now enjoy Burger lab menu and their mid-night deals in very affordable range starting from 500 only.
having a mid-night craving? Now you can also add howdy menu to your hit list. As they is also providing best mid-night deals starting from 999 rupees.
5-Burgrill is also providing you with the best mid-night through free delivery as well.