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Krispy2go Karachi

Krispy2go is a fried chicken restaurant that offers fine and quality ingredients. The Menu is quite large and appealing. It includes Family Meal that is Big Chick, Burger Family, Family O’clock; another meal is Krispy savers and kiddy meal. They also offer deals that are Twin Deal 1 and Twin Deal 2 which are reasonable at cost. The restaurant has alocation at Bahadurabad, Jauhar, 3 Talwar, Nazimabad and Tipu Sultan.

Branches in Karachi:

3-Talwar Branch: Krispy2GO Clifton Pardesi Pride Apt, Chartered Accountants Avenue Block 8 Clifton Karachi

Bahadurabad Branch: Union Road No. 15, Maqboolabad Society Maqboolabad CHS Karachi,

Tipu Sultan: Krispy2Go Block B Shabbirabad Karachi,

Jauhar Branch: Kings Trade Centre, 3A, Block 3 A Gulistan-e-Johar Karachi

North Nazimabad: Near Bovichic Shahrah-e-Jahangir Rd, Block L North Nazimabad Town Karachi,

Contact No: (021) 111 626 626