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Best Karahi Restaurants in Karachi

Karachi is a city whose people have an immense love for food. Traditional food is the ultimate passion of this city which and you can find a variety of eateries in Karachi. Karahi is one of the most favorite food items of Karachites and so, these are a list of  best places to have mouth-watering Karahi in Karachi.




Located on the scenic Do Darya belt, Kolachi restaurant is famous for a wide variety of dishes be it continental, Chinese or desi. However ask anyone and they will say the special Peshawari Karahi available in both Chicken and Mutton, is an absolute must have! They also offer other varieties of desi and continental cuisines.


Tooso menu offers a range of dishes and cuisines, but their karahi is something that will make you fall in love with this small eatery all over again. The restaurant is situated in Bahadurabad and offers chicken and fish karahi, two of their most popular servings. A definite must try for Karachiites.


Salateen Restaurant

This is another equally popular go-to spot for karahi lovers in Karachi. In an open air dining area, the menu offers an array of scrumptious karahi versions; however, the most popular order is their ‘green masala karahi’.  Its braised chicken with a sprinkled green chillies and coriander is a must try.

Afridi Inn

The local Afridis of Khyber PakhtunKhwa are known as the pioneers of this delicious savoury and at Afridi Inn, their karahi represents the same. Their chefs know how to score a perfect concoction of meat and spices to tantalize those taste buds and make you keep licking your fingers while eating.

Anwar Baloch

Located at Malir Bridge in Malir, Anwar Baloch Restaurant is one of the most popular karahi eateries in town! They offer a variety of different karahi flavours including chicken, mutton, prawn and batair karahi. You can give them your own meat and they’ll cook it for you by charging you a specific price per kg.

Shaheen Shinwari

It is located at Rashid Minhas Road opposite Askari 4 that serves a total of 26 different types of karahi, each one having a varying taste and people are absolutely crazy about them. They have a “Takhat” (couch) seating setup for their customers to enjoy the food in a desi style.You  can check complete menu of Shaheen Shinwari here.


Kababjees is now one of the most famous and highly visited restaurants and has a total of many branches in Karachi and serves a variety of food to a very large number of customers. Kababjees menu offer 6 types of both mutton and chicken karahi in two quantities half and full.

Daily Dubai Restaurant

Daily Dubai restaurant is located at DHA and consists of two floors to serve its customers fine quality food. It offers 6 types of karahi to choose from priced between Rs. 630 for half and Rs. 1200 for full. It has great customer service and a regular visit for celebrities.

BBQ Tonight

BBQ Tonight is located in Pakistan and other countries like Dubai and Saudi Arabia. It is a well-known restaurant in Karachi and has 3 floors. They also have an open roof top where the barbecue takes place. BBQ Tonight offers varieties of karahi to its customers who love spicy food.

Hot N Spicy

Hot N Spicy has two branches, one in Rahat Commercial DHA and the second in Clifton. Hot N Spicy has a huge menu, serving from fast food to Chinese to traditional. The food has an amazing blend of spices and serves 4 types of karahi to its customers including lamb karahi.