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Karachi’s 5 Best BBQ Joints

Contrary to popular belief, Karachi is not only an extremely diverse city harboring people from a large number of religions, races, and cultures but also has the mutual love for BBQ and cricket! Karachi is undoubtedly the hub of authentic Barbecue flavors, ranging from the tender and juicy beef/mutton to sizzling and spicy charghas and salam bakras!

Waheed Kabab House

In the heart of Boat Basin’s food street, Waheed kebabs are literally something EVERYONE in Karachi is aware of. All these numbers of kebabs from Waheed’s make the locals and the tourists go in absolute awe with the tender loving flavors! Waheed is a MUST if you have a thing for fried kebabs draped in the flavors of buttery goodness! Check out complete menu of Waheed Kabab House for more details.


BBQ Tonight

As the name suggests, BBQ tonight is probably the best place to hold big dinners and meetups where your main hero dish of the day would be a BBQ item, but you also would want to add a bit of variety for the guests! BBQ Tonight not only serves one of Karachi’s best BBQs, but also serves authentic other cuisines.You can check menu of BBQ tonight buffet and its price.

Meerath Kabab House

Even though Meerath has a number of outlets in Karachi, its BBQ range is one of its kind in Karachi, straight out of the grill, the kebabs straight outta seekhs, the koyla karhai, there’s literally no stopping Meerut from producing the flavor mastery! Some of the must try dishes in Meerath kabab house menu are Gola Kababs, Fry Beef Dhagga Kababs, and Chicken Malai Boti.

Zameer Ansari Kabab House

Serving an extensive menu of BBQ dishes, Zameer Ansari Kabab Centre is one of the best bbq restaurants in Karachi that you should not miss visiting. The authenticity of flavours is the speciality of this eatery, and the BBQ dishes it serves are simply impossible to resist. Moreover, the service and seating arrangements at Zameer Ansari Kabab Centre are impeccable.



Kolachi truly deserves a mention in the top 5. From the beautiful setup of the restaurant to the food and services, everything about Kolachi restaurant menu is on point! The list might have come to an end, But Karachi King’s love for BBQ and cricket will NEVER cease to exist! Do not miss out this place that serves bombass BBQ in Karachi.