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Cafe Afzal Hyderabad Ramadan Deals 2023

Cafe Afzal Hyderabad, a well-known restaurant in the Pakistani market, will be offering exciting Ramadan deals in 2023. The deals will include a variety of delicious dishes, including traditional Pakistani cuisine, as well as international flavors. The restaurant will be offering iftar and sehri deals, catering to the needs of customers who prefer to break their fast at the restaurant or take food home. The iftar deals will include dates, fruit juices, samosas, pakoras, and other popular appetizers. For the main course, customers can choose from a range of kebabs, biryanis, curries, and other local specialties. Sehri deals will include a variety of dishes, including egg parathas, potato sandwiches, and more. The restaurant will also have special discounts for families and large groups. Overall, Cafe Afzal Hyderabad’s Ramadan deals are sure to be a popular option for those looking for affordable and delicious meals during the holy month.