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Best Steak in Islamabad

Save your time from hunting for all those places in Islamabad that serve Chicken or Beef Steaks with just the perfect amount of tenderness, because we have decided to guide you with a list of best steakhouses in Islamabad.

Texas Steak House
If you’re looking for a place that serves authentic taste of steaks, Texas Steak House is the one. Their Steaks are always well cooked and prepared with best ingredients to bring out the taste. Popular for their top seller Steaks, Marshall Steak, Texas Fire Steak and Italian Steak are a must try.

Howdy Islamabad
Located Near F-7/3, Howdy stands out for its Western Style Saloon. Their steaks are popular for their mouthwatering taste and key ingredients, especially the famous ones like Texan Steak, Mexicano Steak and Chicken Steak with White Sangria.

Ox & Grill Steak House
Ox & Grill is, hands down, the best steakhouse in Islamabad. It is located in F-7 Markaz and has a cozy atmosphere. This place serves a variety of Flavor-Loaded Steaks such as Twin Steak, Stuffed Steak and Maryland Steak!

American Steak House

Located on School Road Near F-6 Market, American Steak House is famous for its top quality steaks. Their Steaks are a complete balance of juiciness and tenderness. Their popular Steaks are Mushroom Hunter Steak and Beef Steak. And with a side of refreshing Mint Margarita, it’s a package of joy!

Bull Steak House
If you’re craving for a streak at affordable prices then, Bull Steak House is the one. Despite known as Steak House, this place serves Burgers, Sandwiches, Sea Foods and much more. Located in Bahria Town, their Chicken Mushroom Steak and BBQ Steak are always on the trend!

Houston Steak House
Houston Steak House always manages to get good first impression with their pleasant ambiance and décor. With quick services and consistent quality, this place knows how to serve exceptionally scrumptious Steaks to its customers. After trying their specialty, Houston Special Steak which is served with Spicy Garlic Herb Butter, it is hard to try the rest because it is just so addictive!

Entrecôte Steak House & Cafe
Entrecôte Steak House offers fine dining with relaxed sitting. Despite known for its Steaks and various types of food, this place is, unfortunately, underrated. With the help of their special ingredients and recipes, this place makes you come back for more! Their Steak AuPoivre sided with Onion Rings is very popular.