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Best Highway Restaurants in Karachi

For those who love long drives, are foodies and enjoy outdoor ambiances, then this will definitely be worth a read! This article lists the best highway restaurants at Super Highway, Karachi. The highway that connects Karachi and Hyderabad has most probably been visited by almost all Karachiites at least once in their lifetime. The Super Highway, now called the M-9 Motorway due to extra lanes added, is known for its amazing eateries on the lanes. From traditional charpoy seating with comfortable cushions to savoring mouthwatering Karahis and Handis in open air, here is the list of the best restaurants you should not miss!

Highway Grill Restaurant

Although the Highway Grill Restaurant is farthest from Karachi, it still maintains its quality and is visited by many. The restaurant has an outdoor as well as indoor seating option. Its menu feature delicious ranges of Pakistani and continental cuisines.

Al Habib Restaurant

Al Habib Restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants at Super Highway. The restaurant not only offers mouthwatering food but has a family-friendly ambiance like play area for kids and giant screen for visitors to watch live sports and events.

Shaheen Shinwari

Shaheen Shinwari is a famous name established in 2001 and offers a diverse range of Afghani and Arabic cuisines for Middle Eastern food lovers. However, they have a long waiting time. Their top demand dishes from Shaheen Shinwari menu are Karahi, Turkish Fusion and Laham Mandi.

Sajjad Restaurant

Sajjad Restaurant is renowned for its top quality service, food and ambiance. They pride themselves in offering the best Pakistani cuisine and customer service. Their most loved dishes include Dhaka Chicken, Mutton Handi, Chinese cuisine, soups, steaks and desserts.

Metro Highway Restaurant

Metro Highway has quickly become one of the top eateries at Super Highway. The restaurant has an amazing ambiance and food and rooftop settings for parties, meetings and other events. Some famous dishes they serve are Mutton Karahi and Kebabs. Check out Metro restaurant super highway menu here.