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Best high tea in Lahore

Whether it be a stylish little ceremony or a get together of friends, high tea is always the perfect solution to soothe your soul with few sweet and savory home-style bakes along with a dose of caffeine, that is, tea or coffee. Having countless places in Lahore that serve high tea has given a tough time to all the Lahoris in finding an ideal place that serves one. But it is time to say goodbye to your venturing days because below are few of the places we shortlisted that can provide you with mouthwatering snacks and desserts to subside your light hunger!

English Tea House

Located in Gulberg III, this place has both outdoor and indoor seating with beautiful and peaceful ambiance and exquisite food. From pizza, sandwiches and grilled chicken to churros, eclairs and chocolate bonbon, this place has got you covered in every way! And what else could you ask for when you get all of it under one roof? Oh yes! A steaming cup of tea or coffee with a beautifully decorated platter.

Freddy’s Café

Critics say this spot has attention for all the right reasons. Their special tea time buffet includes soup, salads, desserts and a special tea time menu like steak burgers hotdogs and many fast-food staples! Did we tell you about their long list of desserts? Well, it will take you even longer to finish it off! It is located in Gulberg III and if you are in the mood for a flavorful journey, you know where to head to!

Monal Restaurant

This place surely knows how to make their customers feel comfortable and win their hearts, and that is with complimentary welcome drinks! Now who doesn’t love a free glass of Pina colada? Located on rooftop, this restaurant has three slots for their high tea buffet, so you can never miss out on their course and the beautiful view of course. From Karahi to Shu Shi Beef, you can enjoy an unending list of local and international cuisines! It also has sugar free desserts so the diabetic can munch on some cheesecakes and mousses!