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Top 10 Best Chinese Restaurants in Karachi

Karachiites are growing fond of Chinese food day by day. It is one of the main reasons why so many Chinese restaurants promise authentic flavors, but only few of them match up to the real tastes. Besides being full of flavors, real Chinese food doesn’t require fatty ingredients like cream, butter and cheese and is healthy due to its addition of fresh vegetables, liquids and herbs. For those who want to experience real Chinese food without travelling to China and would love to treat your taste buds, then here’s a list of all the excellent restaurants for your Chinese cravings.


Located in Awari Towers, Karachi, this award-winning Dyansty Chinese Restaurant is famous for its gorgeous ambiance for dine-in and food that is extremely memorable with spicy sizzlers and classic sweet and sour Cantonese flavors. This restaurant no doubt is an ultimate Chinese experience.

Red Emperor

Red Emperor is here to satisfy your Chinese cravings and hungers. The restaurant serves perfect proportions for its customers, excellent presentation and quality of food, delivers top notch service in an amazing ambiance. The restaurant also serves exotic seafood such as crabs and lobsters.

Lotus Court

Lotus Court is picturesque restaurant situated inside Movenpick Hotel, Karachi. It definitely offers lip smacking Chinese items that is unforgettable. All top Chinese dishes can be found here; from Szechuan Yuxiang Chicken to special Xinjiang Beef Chow Mein, Lotus Court offers all.


Ginsoy is one of the fastest growing Chinese restaurants in Pakistan and especially in Karachi. The quality of their food is top notch and has dishes such as crispy Beijing beef, Chinese Chop Suey, Spicy Schezwan Chicken and other prominent dishes.

Golden Dragon

Golden Dragon is a famous restaurant that has an edge of serving Chinese with a desi touch. All the desi cum Chinese cuisines lovers, then this is a must try! Their most loved dishes are soups, wontons and prawn balls.

Chop Chop Wok

Chop Chop Wok is here to give its Chinese food lovers unforgettable experiences that will surely make visitors come back again with its amazing food adventure. Their menu must-haves are BBQ Wings, Thai curry, Spaghetti and Black Pepper Beef.

China Town

Located in Block 2, Clifton and is one of the oldest Chinese places in Karachi. Due to its consistent quality and service, they have been serving delicious Chinese cuisine for almost 35 years. Some of their specialties are crab corn and Sichuan peppercorns.Menu of China town is quite amazing and diversified.

Imperial Court

Imperial Court is located at Tariq Road; one must try this amazing restaurant for a desi touch to the much loved Chinese cuisine. With mouthwatering dishes and exceptional service, this restaurant is also fairly reasonable on the pockets.

Jade Garden

Jade Garden is in Block 2, Clifton and has an extremely pleasant setup with yummy Chinese dishes and packed with exotic flavors. The restaurant offers a great menu and always makes sure to provide the best service, top quality food and ambiance to their customers.

Suzie Wong Restaurant

Situated in Marriott hotel, Karachi, this is the place to enjoy flavor packed Chinese food. Their chefs are well-trained in making delectable all variations of Chinese cuisine. Some of their mouthwatering dishes are Kung Pao Prawns, Crab Meat and Stir-fried rice.