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Best Cheap Pizza Deals in Karachi 2020

Pizza has become the most favorite food in recent times. There are hundreds of Pizza restaurants in Karachi but finding a reasonable Pizza deal with good taste is a tough task so we have compile a comprehensive list of best and cheap Pizza deals in Karachi.

Pizza 2000

Pizza Napoli

Pizza 2000 is probably the oldest Pizza outlet in Karachi and they are serving one of the best Pizza in town with very economical Pizza deals.
Large Pizza:Rs.500
Small Pizza:Rs.270
Popular Flavour:Pizza Napoli

Pizza 363

Pizza 363 offers lots of economical pizza options.You can choose from following flavors:
-Sizzling Sriracha
-Smokey BBQ
large Pizza:590
Regular Pizza:363

Pizza Treasure

Pizza treasure is a new Pizza restaurant based in Gulshan e Iqbal block 2.They have introduced large pizza in only Rs.399.
Large Pizza:Rs.399
BBQ Tikka
Chicken Fajita
Jalapeno Fajita
Veggie Lover
Cheese Lover
Afghani feast
Red Shawarma