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Best Biryani in Lahore

After cricket, biryani is considered as one of those things Pakistanis are really passionate about. Its aroma only is so mesmerizing that it will make you want to throw your diet plan away and chase after your biryani. Literally. But with great craving comes great responsibility and that is, where to find the perfect biryani that can satisfy your taste buds? Brace yourselves well Lahoris because you’re just few seconds away from exploring few of the places in Lahore that serve yummy biryani for your tummy.

Below mentioned are few of the places in Lahore that can get on your good side with their biryani and that too with economical prices!

Biryani Master

The name itself says it all. This place is master in serving the juicy and tasty biryani with just perfect amount of traditional spices! It is located in Johar Town and Bahria Town of Lahore and also a perfect place to catch up with your friends. The catch? With a side of raita and salad, you can either have a platter of chicken, beef or mutton biryani at reasonable prices and say goodbye to your empty growling stomach!

Butt Biryani

Located in Allama Iqbal Town, this place is known for serving creative varieties of biryani including Tikka Biryani, Malai Boti Biryani and Zinger Biryani! They are famous for their Malai Boti Biryani served with Raita which is finger-licking delicious and affordable too! Although this place is usually crowded and you might be asked to stand in a waiting line, but as long as you get to taste their biryani at the end, it’s worth your time!

Karachi Biryani

Why catch a flight to Karachi when you can have Karachi style Biryani in Lahore? Located in the Barkat Market of Lahore, this spot is pleasant and casual enough to have dine-in with your friends and family. From very spicy to simple Biryani, this place adds spices in Biryani as per your desire, which is great news for the kids! With special Raita, you can have your complete meal and satisfy your cravings.